We are looking for a special someone, with a big heart, that can take on this unique role as Technical Babysitter for our dear advisory board member.


This role is a great opportunity for someone special who has a genuine love for people. It’s a challenging role that requires a huge amount of patience and creative problem-solving skills. The reward is happiness and personal growth. 

We have a great journey in front of us, we have grown from 5 people to 20 in the last four years and this is just the beginning. Early on we had a lovely person who joined our advisory board, this person has helped us tremendously and provided great insight into various business strategies, financial structures and has always had a strong value-based perspective on culture. We are so thankful for Him. 

He is 63 years old today, sometimes it feels like he is wise as a 110-year old Dalai Lama and sometimes he can behave like a 14-year old teenager who just got his first gaming console. 

As we grow, we are experiencing new challenges with Him, especially in the technical field. In the beginning it wasn’t any problem handling all the technical old-school support for him that was necessary, but nowadays our roles have shifted and becoming more narrow, which in turn requires much more focus. 

That’s why we are looking for a special someone, with a big heart, that can take on this unique role as Technical Babysitter for our dear advisory board member. 

This role would start as a 50% employment and will probably grow quickly into a full time employment in the first year. It all depends on you and your patience. 

You will be reporting directly to our Brand Manager who has, unofficially, carried this responsibility the last 4 years. She has done tremendously beautiful work and is now facing new exciting challenges in her role as we grow internationally, so therefore she needs proper backup from someone who has a full battery capacity in emotional business distress. 

Your main responsibilities and tasks will include

  • Managing tech support for email, to solve issues such as “My email stopped working” - where the usual solution is “Restart your phone” 
  • Answering emails, reading off-topic business articles sent to the CEO and answer with a positive tone to encourage further engagement
  • Making sure He is on time, double checking calendar invites and repeating driving instructions when on road trips (occasionally screaming/reminding Him to drive safer and slower)
  • Making sure he stays away from the cookie jar and eats healthy, as well as checking in on him during the weekends so his only meals aren’t Kebab rolls
  • Providing tech support for his laptop, who always has unique issues, where even the Apple geniuses are astounded (proper budget for new technical equipment will be provided) 
  • Providing administrative support for cellular subscription, to handle typical issues that can occur, such as “My phone stopped working” or “Calls get interrupted” - again, where the usual solution is “Restart your phone”
  • Printing incoming emails for better readability - and over time reducing this need, for the environment
  • Reformatting and cleaning up Word documents with different format styling from different sources (usually because too much copy-paste) 
  • Laughing at bad jokes (1 out of 10 are actually funny) and sometimes being clear and harsh where the limit is for jokes that are not appropriate (depending on the setting)
  • The rest of the responsibilities will be communicated during the interview process

Any of the following experiences would benefit you greatly (not really mandatory)

  • Life in general
  • Work experience within business administrative tasks in companies with poor management
  • Work experience within Elderly Care, regardless of role
  • Work experience as a Zoologists, Wildlife Biologists, Doggy Daycare Worker or similar
  • Experience with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs
  • Experience as Apple Genius and/or troubleshooting iOS devices


At Cetrez we design and build digital ecosystems.

We are a selected group of individuals with pure passion for our craft and no egos. We are one big unified team consisting of designers, developers, gamers, tech junkies, thinkers and perfectionists. At the core we are all problem-solvers and we strive to create a positive impact in everything we do. For us, it’s not about what we do, but rather how we do it.

Whether we are building our own products or developing projects together with our clients we put user-centricity in the center of everything we do. We always focus on creating value for the end-user and for our clients, therefore our craft goes beyond design processes or cutting-edge tech.

We are very proud to be able to engage with some of the world’s most prestigious brands across various industries. Their visions together with our high ambitions and an uncompromising level of quality fuels us to keep pushing further and to never be satisfied.

We only invest in long-term partnerships, projects and products. We believe it is the only way to bring real change, value and impact to an industry. Whether the outcome is a software product, a digital ecosystem or even a new company – any challenge is welcome.


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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